To become a resident at a Broder & Sachse Real Estate property and receive your exclusive NFT contact:

NFT Initiative

Broder & Sachse Real Estate exclusively commissioned three Detroit artists to create both a physical artwork and a digital NFT collection based on the work for residents at The Scott at Brush Park, The Albert – Capitol Park, and The Hamilton – Midtown. Each NFT collection is made up of hundreds of unique tiny slices of the physical artwork that come together to make a whole.  All residents will receive a unique NFT and physical twin accompanied with directions and support on how to add their digital piece to their crypto wallet.

The Artists


Chris Turner was born and raised in Detroit. A graduate of Cass Tech and Detroit Public Schools, Chris developed an artistic voice as a skilled tradesman specializing in welding and metalwork and is best known for his large-scale metal pieces across the City of Detroit.


Olivia Guterson is a Detroit-based multi-disciplinary artist and mother. Primarily through black ink, her compositions are deeply personal investigations of truth influenced by geometric abstraction, remembrance, ancestral patterns, and their relation to the natural world. The intricate layerings in her work reveal her inner knowings that exist beyond written language.


Eric “El Cappy” Lowry, is a Detroit based, self-taught artist who is bridging the contemporary art scene and fashion industry through his work idolizing pop culture and high-end sneaker customization.  He has worked with brands such as Shinola, Stella McCartney, Nike, and the Detroit Pistons and Lions.

Augmented Reality

The physical artworks located at The Scott at Brush Park, The Albert – Capitol Park, and The Hamilton – Midtown are accompanied by an augmented reality experience created by BrandXR and Electrifly. This immersive experience brings the artworks to life when scanned in the Electrifly app and engages visitors with an interactive and animated look into the art.